Friday, April 26, 2013

More Happy Mail!

I was surprised by another box of goodies from my friend Cami..  Hi Cami!! Thank you for all the yummyness!  I am totally spoiled!

Cami sent me stuff that she made for Valentine's day, Easter and goodies from Japan.    Here's a close up of the Easter basket.

And here's an adorable mail box!  I got another one from Linda, so I'll share that soon too.

Love how she added this message...

And look what was inside!

And she also made this clip board!  Love it!

I have more goodies to share.. feeling so blessed! Thanks Cami!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goodies from Nadine Tx!

I was THRILLED to find out that I won Nadine Tx's Hawaii Giveaway!  She is so sweet!  She is from Hawaii but now lives in Texas and sympathizes with us Hawaii girls that can't get their hands on all those Michael's goodies and what not.  So she had a Hawaii subscriber only giveaway and I won!! Woo hoo! 

Now, this lady is so funny.  I'm hooked on her Talk Story Episodes!  My husband calls her my friend because he always catches me watching her videos and cracking up.  You gotta check out her YT channel.  She has great tips and is just plain fun!

To my surprise, not one but 2 boxes showed up on my door step from Nadine.  Thanks Girl!  Here's what was in box #1...

And here's box #2...

OMG- I was in heaven!  And I just have to say that I was desperate to find these balsa boxes!!!!  Michaels has different shaped balsa boxes from our Ben Franklin, so I was trying to find them online and eventually had another fellow crafter send me some... I should have just looked in the box cause it was inside waiting for me!  And check out the frames and birdcages! Love the stamps too...

And she gave me one of her birdcage pin cushions!  So pretty!  She has a tutorial on her YT channel on how she made this.

And I died when I saw this!  Love it!

Here's what was inside!  So pretty- I don't want to use them!  I think I'll hoard them for awhile.

Here's the 2nd box contents.  So much goodies!  Getting this happy mail  really cheered me up.  I remember having a bad week that week and I was so touched by Nadine's generosity.

So go check her out here!  Thank you so much Nadine!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Japan Haul: All About Rilakkuma

I must admit... this grouchy looking bear is growing on me.  Who couldn't love Rilakkuma after you see him all over Japan?  Even Akemi started noticing him and calling him cute!  I targeted the Rilakkuma store located inside Kiddie Land in Harajuku for one reason... my friend Linda is a Rilakkuma fan.  I thought I'd just pick up a few things for her, then I remembered that her birthday was coming up, so I ended up getting a lot more goodies for her.  I really wish I could've bought her the whole store!

Now I'm typically a Hello Kitty fan myself, but when you go to Japan and see all the other cool stuff, you don't even think about buying Hello Kitty.  I guess it's cause I know I can get her back home?  Rilakkuma is not as common in Hawaii... but I did see some new designs that place him in paradise!  How ironic.. I go to Japan to find Rilakkuma in Hawaii!

So here's the stuff I ended up picking out... hope she doesn't have them yet!

This is a Rilakkuma solar powered figure.  His head bobs up and down in the sun...

I also got this pencil pouch.. mainly because she also likes the Eiffel Tower.

I couldn't resist this fuzzy pencil holder.

Here's a close up of the chopsticks.  Doesn't every Rilakkuma fan need Rilakkuma chopsticks?

And here is the mother of all deco tapes!  I swear it is wider than duck tape!

I liked the mini magnets a lot.. also go the clip magnet.  Those are good to hang on your fridge in the event of a clip emergency.

And couldn't forget the Rilakkuma Gachapon! I didn't open it, but I think its Rilakkuma with a hamburger.

And all us paper nuts need labels right?

I did try to find some Japan exclusive stuff... This is a cell phone charm of Rilakkuma on the Kaminarimon (Large Lantern in Nakamise).

And Rilakkuma playing Gangnam Style with the Tokyo Tower.

This shopping bag was actually purchased at Character Street in the Tokyo Station.  That place was fun too.. will post more about that later!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another Hot Air Balloon

Hi Everyone!  I'm sooooooooo looking forward to my next and almost last furlough day.  Yes, our furlough days seem to be numbered as we are hearing there will probably be no more furloughs next fiscal (boooo).  I know, I'm crazy, but I guess I got used to furloughs and now I really look forward to the extra day off!

Wanted to share this project that I made awhile ago.  I had asked my husband to take photos and then I guess we forgot about downloading them until now.  Decided to take it outside since it is a good size and needed to be hung.  Try not to look at our dirty garage k?

I believe the paper is by October Afternoon.  Love when I can get my hands on full collections.  Makes creating a project so much easier!

Here's a close up of the little banner flags I cut using my PTI die.  I like the twine too- thanks Debi!

On the top of the balloon, I glued a couple of roses.

Here's a closer look at the basket.  Decided to use some of my Maya Road trim.  Oh- and also added some ivory pearl trim around the edge.  Topped it off with some roses.

 If you want to see this in person, its hanging at our LSS Island Scrapbooking.  When I walked in I must've walked right past it!  Totally didn't look up to see it hanging.  Oh well, if you do go to visit, make sure you look up right when you enter the door.

Time to work on some stuff so I can have a fun fun fun weekend!