Thursday, June 13, 2013

Akemi's Birthday!

Woah!  I still cannot believe that my little girl is getting so old!!!!  Man, I remember when she was in my belly and look how big she is already!

We are having her b-day party later because its so hectic around her real birthday, but since Grandma Helen was here, we had a small kine dinner at our house to celebrate.  

Akemi recently discovered how cool Barbie is.  It's about time girl!!  Grandma Kat found the coolest dress up Barbie card.

Thank you Sara & Haley for the birthday $$!  Books are at the top of my list!

So happy Bachan came to dinner...

Luv'n this new dress from Grandma!  I love dresses!!

See!  More dresses!

Oooooohhhhh... Any guesses?  Where's all the Harry Potter geeks?  Gotta be from Aunty Denise & Uncle Guido...

Birthday hugs from Grandma Kat...

Peace Papa Steve!

Drum roll please...... Ready for the big bike!  No training wheels now!

Photo bomber...

Aahhh, one more year gone.  (sniff sniff).  The real party is next!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hui Okinawa's Cultural Camp 2013

 It's already been a crazy summer and it's just begun!  After one week of relaxing with mom, Akemi headed to Hui Okinawa's Cultural Camp.  It's a week long event that provides cultural education for kids.  We heard about it from Akemi's BFF's who also attended.  It started on a Sunday where they made their drums and continued on throughout the week where they learned the Okinawan language, Okinawan songs, Karate, Taiko, and other fun activities.  It was exhausting but the kids loved it and I thought it was definitely worth mentioning on the blog...  Here's some photos from the last day's program..

Teku drum (Taiko)...

 Shime daiko...

  Group photo...

Daruma making...  I like the one that looks like a bear and the one that looks like those russian nesting dolls... LOL!  Guess it's the wrong culture!

I thought these were cool too... Except the one in the back looks like a scary clown to me.

I thought the white faced one was pretty good!  The one hiding behind him looks like Iron man.

Akemi and her BFF..

 BFF photo bombing...

Trying to photo bomb again...

Daddy getting mad...

Akemi eating her home made sweet potato ice cream.  It was yummy!  Oh.. and her unfinished daruma in the front.

I think Akemi and her friends definitely want to go back again next year!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Wizard of Oz 2013

I know I've been a bit MIA lately, but I have a really good excuse!  May was CRAZY for me as I had ballet practices back to back, end of school stuff, ballet performance, mom's visit, mom's b-day, Akemi's b-day, Cultural Camp (watch for my next post), and finally the Big Island Taiko Festival 2013.  PHEW!  Not that I've been participating in all of these events, but coordinating amongst the fam was a bit hectic.

So I'm finally able to share some family stuff with you... If you are looking for some crafty stuff, you might want to skip this post.
This was a record-breaking year for the number of people that came to see Akemi at this year's The Wizard of Oz performance by Island Dance Academy.  Her BFF's and their family came to watch.  Even their 2 year old baby brother enjoyed the performance!

Grandma Helen flew in for the special night...  Can you believe my "un-crafty" mom as she calls herself made that lei for Akemi!!!  It's her first lei ever that she crochet'd.  I'm proud of her... I knew I got it from someone in our family!

Aunty Stef actually flew in and was able to make it to the performance too!  It was the first time she saw Akemi dance.

Wow!!! Even Uncle Kyle came!

Uncle Kyle also brought Aunty Veronica too.

Here's one of Akemi's friends... I think they started ballet at the same time.

Ok just have to comment on their costumes.. They had a cuter one but had to change out of it to this "animal" costume.  Still not sure what kind of "animal" they were supposed to be.  The costume had animal print AND a tulle skirt, AND black feathers.  Huh?

Anyway, I really love IDA's big productions that happen ever other year.  It amazes me what can be done right here in Hilo!  Those girls are so talented!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Wow!  Mother's day was about a month ago.. geez. I'm behind yah?  Better post this before Father's Day!

So my husband decided to host a Mother's Day brunch for all the mom's in our family.  Akemi set the table.  So nice yah?

 Here's some of the food we ate.  Paul also had an omelette station.

We lucked out on the fruit selection..  Those strawberries were so yummy!

Mmmmm.... bacon!

I think we gotta modify this recipe- wasn't as good as pinterest said...

Here's the guests of honor w/Akemi.

Akemi surprised me with a rose from school.  Their teacher let the kids order roses and she made arrangements for them to get it just before Mother's day!  So sweet!

Akemi also made this really cool string art for me.  I love it!