Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Embossing Folder Tutorial

Hi Kris and Tammy! This one is for you! I guess we were the last 3 who didn't know how to do this! So, I finally figured out how to expand the use of my embossing folders! Granted, this will only work on certain folders, so keep this in mind before trying it out. I recommend folders that have a pattern to them. This is important since you will need to follow the indentation after you first run it through your machine. For this tutorial, I used a 5x5 sheet of cardstock. The average size of an embossing folder is A2 size. I don't think it would work if your paper was oversized both length and width. If you figure out how to do it, let me know. 1. Place paper flush against one edge- I made mine flush left. This will get your embossing all the way to the edge of the paper.
2. Run it through your Sizzix Big Shot machine as you normally would. I use the multi-purpose platform on tab 1 in between my 2 cutting plates. Your paper will now look like this.. See how the right hand side of the paper is not embossed?
3. Move the paper so that the right edge will now be in the folder. Using the grooves (in this case dots) as your guide, stick the paper into another set of holes. All the dots on your paper should line up perfectly for this folder... again not sure how it will work in folders with different patterns.
4. Run it sideways through your big shot (yes, I have an old version of the big shot!). The side that was not embossed yet should be the side that goes into the machine first. In my case, the right side of the folder.
5. Sorry, couldn't really "show" you here, but hopefully I can explain so that you can understand... run through the machine enough so that it will emboss the area that was not initially embossed, then run the machine back the way it came from (i.e. turn the handle the other way). If you ran it all the way through, it will likely flatten the dots sticking out of the folder and you will be like me and get very frustrated!.. so remember, only go about 1/2 way and then back. (Don't look at my very used cutting plates! Note to self... need to buy new ones!)
Ta Daaaaaa! Now your cardstock is embossed all the way! Woo hoo!
Hopefully this will be informational to more of you out there!


Janis said...

Ooohhh...I'm always misaligning my dots so you weren't the only one. And, I too, have the older version of the Big Shot, not the pretty new ones out there. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Enjoli said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! I was just wishing the other day that they would make bigger embossing folders! lol! I will have to try this out. =)

kris said...

Yay! thanks Jenny!!! ok i have another mission for you... what about the ones that don't have a pattern?! LOL... i'm pushing my luck huh?! hehehe! thanks again girl! i will try it out... =D hugs, Kris

Kyoko said...

Thanks for the tutorial ... I going try ... LOL b/c I can just imagine how mine will come out ... LOL!

mst822 said...

Thank you so much Jenny! I've always wanted to create a larger card with embossing. Thanks to you, I now can! Great tutorial! Tammy