Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Island Taiko Festival 2011

The 2nd Big Island Taiko Festival took place this weekend at the UH Performing Arts Center. Puna Taiko was joined by Hui Okinawa, Kona Daifuku Taiko, and Taishoji Taiko. DH is the Director for Puna Taiko, so a lot of time and effort has been put forth into this concert. Akemi and I went to see them play at today's matinee performance. Here's Akemi with Daddy after the concert. Decided to make a few goodies for the Puna Taiko members for doing a good job. Here's what I came up with... Isn't it fun? It really works too. I just love these stick bags.. Ended up making 16 of them. Ok- the sad thing is that the kids did not know what this was from! They are ALL too young to know what movie featured this drum. Even Lani- the other Director of the group did not know. Sigh, I guess me and DH are so old. I told them to all go home and watch Karate Kid II. If you are reading this and also did not know what movie it was from- please go and watch that movie- it's a classic. And here's the group showing off the goodies... Oh yah- did you know my DH was crafty too?? He's very proud of these Oni masks that were made for the festival. They used them when they were in the Keaau Xmas parade a couple of years ago, but he added hair and made a few more. They were used in one of the songs performed today. Good job Puna Taiko (and all the other Taiko groups performing today!). As for me, gotta start planning for next weekend's activities!


Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

That is super cute!!! What a neat idea!!! Rats, I couln't make it to the performance this year. Hopefully the next.

Shirley N said...

OMGosh Jenny, what an awesome creation! The Taiko group must have been amazed by your creativity, I sure am!

eunice said...

Love, love LOVE the taiko drum toy you came up with! LOL, I remember the movie, but I can't remember the part that featured this drum... But I do remember playing with this type of drum toy as a youngster! So very, very COOL, Jenny! Wow! The Oni-men your hubby created are awesome! Creativity certainly does run in your family!