Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boy Oh Boy!

I just don't know how to make boy cards I guess. I'm so used to making cute girly cards for girls or women, that I sometimes forget what guys like. Sorry boys! It's probably because I have a daughter, my brother has 2 daughters, I have a sister and sister in law, Mom, Mom-in-law, etc. Even my dog is a girl! Anyway, every once in awhile I'm forced to make boy stuff... Its always a struggle, but here's that I came up with recently... 2 baby boy cards and 1 birthday card. This one is going to my husband's cousin, who just had a baby boy. Bought this set awhile ago, but never had a reason to use it, till now. This one is going to my dear friend Bev, who's baby was born pre-mature. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. I thought this was a good opportunity to use my brand spankin new baby set from the Greeting Farm. I love his beanie. Finally, my friend's son's birthday is coming up this month. I hear he is playing baseball now, so Sports Billy was the way to go. Whew! Glad the boy stuff is over with. Now I can make girlie stuff again!

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Kyoko said...

LOL Jenny! We ALL have a hard time with "man" cards! BUT, you did an AWESOME job on your baby and birthday cards. I love the images you used ... just too cute, and your coloring is just perfect! Take Care!