Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gorguss RAK from Kyoko

Earlier I told you that I made a magic card for Kyoko.. you can read the story behind that exchange on her blog... The coolest thing that came out of it was that we exchanged cards and images. I just LOVE the card/image holder she sent! Now I gotta figure out how the heck she did it! I think she said the instructions can be found on Chalsie's blog... Gotta go check it out myself!
Kyoko was so nice to offer to send me some of her stamped images... so naturally I jumped at that opportunity (thank you Kyoko!). I can't wait to color these Gorguss girls, but I'm afraid of making a mistake!! Better practice first. She also gave me some Ketto images. :) I don't have any of the ones she sent me so I'm looking forward to using them too.
Hopefully one day I'll be able to meet Kyoko and Linda in person... reading their blogs makes me laugh, so I'm sure they'll be a riot in real life!


Michele said...

Isn't Kyoko just so generous with her images?? She shared some with me as well since I didn't have any of them either! And I LOVE the story behind your exchange...I would be guilty of such a mix up as well! :-) Kyoko & Linda are both definitely sweeties!

joni h said...

Blogging sisters are the best! Kyoko exemplifies the best of them. She's super generous with her stamps! Love the holder that she made-I'm going to copy it too...I hope!
Have a great weekend!

Janis said...

Kyoko is known to be super generous, as well as she has the kindest heart. She and Linda really exemplify true friendship with all of their warmth. I totally love the story behind your exchange. Have a great weekend!

Denise said...

Kyoko is just the sweetest! She is always sharing all her wonderful stamps. Kyoko & Linda are two peas in a pod. Two Beautiful women.