Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crafting Time!

Did you survive your first day back at work? Akemi had wavier day, so I stayed home an extra day on my vacation, which made it even harder to go to work today. But I got through it and now its time to craft! Get it??? Saw a cool clock at Photocraft over my vacation to Honolulu. Brian showed me some really cute Hello Kitty samples he did as a class. I liked his Hello Kitty ones, but wanted to make one using my sister's designs. For the main numbers, I used my sakura punch as the markers. Then I blew up the image so that it would fill up the space below the middle of the clock. It was much easier than I anticipated and a fun change from all those calendars! Here's a close up of the image... She's my favorite girl of the collection! I'm thinking these will make great gifts next year!

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1LuvnMama said...

Aww Jenny! This is super cute! I luv the Asian feel and that kawaii girl! Your sis is super talented in drawing up these characters!