Friday, March 4, 2011


OK its about 4:30am Tokyo time and I am wide awake, so I thought I'd do another frozen yogurt review. During our 3 hour layover in Honolulu yesterday, we decided to eat our bento lunch at one of the food courts. The first thing that caught my eye when we got there was the name "Pinkberry". I had a feeling this was another untried frozen yogurt place for me, so I made sure I had room for dessert. Sure enough, pinkberry had the works, several flavors and all kinds of toppings. DH and I decided to share a small, and I guess he knew better than to pick the yogurt combo himself since I'm the picky one... I didn't get to try all of the flavors, but I think most of them are tart- even the coconut flavor I picked. It wasn't too tart though, and contradicted the sweet toppings I put on top for good balance. OK, I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but I had 3 toppings on my yogurt. One of them were these tiny dark chocolate covered crunch balls. I have thing for crunch, so this was my first choice. Then I saw something that resembled melted nestle crunch, so I picked that too (cost $1 extra but worth it) and there was room for one more, so I got fresh strawberries. OMG.. it was sooooo good. Even DH agreed that the toppings were awesome and totally made the yogurt. Good thing he let me choose. The total cost of this small yogurt with 3 toppings was ~$7, kinda pricey, but well worth it. Its not the self serve/weigh type, there is someone there to make it for you... otherwise I would've gone crazy with the toppings. Anyway, we ended up meeting my SIL since she was flying in from D.C., so I told her about my yogurt experience. She said that she's tried it before and agreed how good it was. I asked her if Oahu had any more locations and she thinks there is only one more on Maui and also at the airport. DARN! All I can say is if you are planning a trip and have enough time to mosey on down to the international/domestic terminal- look for the foodcourt with pinkberry.. you won't be disappointed! Hmmm, I wonder if we'll have enough time to get another one on our way home to Hilo? I wonder if Tokyo has frozen yogurt?


eunice said...

Hey're in JAPAN?!!! OMG, you're so lucky! I've been yearning to go back for the longest time now...have a wonderful lots of kawaii stuff!

Teri said...

Hey Jenny! The yogurt looks so yummy! Have lots of fun in Japan!