Saturday, April 16, 2011

Recent RAKs

Happy Saturday! It's been a busy weekend so far and it just started! Actually my weekend started yesterday, so I got a head start and I'm already pooped! Anyway, just wanted to share some RAKs I received recently... This first card is from Karen I. She won my blog candy and decided to give Akemi and I a thank you for picking her name. Not sure why since it was random! Anyway, along with this cute card we also got Yogurtland GC (yay), Little trees (I didn't get to eat any), and a Lawn Fawn stamp set. I lifted these photos from KI's blog since we can't seem to find where the card went in our messy house! Thanks KI! This cute mini kleenx holder was given to me by Lianne from Cute Stuff. It may look like a good size in the photo, but it's actually mini- like the size of those travel packs you keep in your purse. I'm gonna take it to my new office. Thanks Lianne! This cute purse was given to me by my student and craft fair buddy- Susan. Thanks Susan! Now I know who bought up all this cute paper from IS! Inside were Hershey's Nuggets.. Yum! And finally... this card is from my CBFF Debi... We had a fun night out for her B-day last month and she gave me this cool thank you card. I'm a little embarassed cause you can tell that her thank you card showed a lot more time and effort than the b-day card I made for her! In fact, it was kinda embarassing so I didn't even post it! ha ha ha! Thanks Debi. You are making me want to buy that banner set from PTI, but what's new?


Creations by Shirl said...

Hi Jenny~
Very cutie gifts! I like that little kleenex holder from Cute Stuff. Wouldn't mind having that template?
Have a great weekend - hoping the sun pops up on the BIsland!

kris said...

Awesome RAKs!!! You deserve the LOVE girly!!! =D