Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time for Tea

On our last trip home, I told Akemi we could do whatever she wanted since we didn't spend much time together at the time. We had just come back from Japan and had to go to Honolulu for a wedding job, so I promised her we could spend some time together on Sunday. She chose to go to tea over Chuck E. Cheese. I guess my little girl is growing up. We decided to invite Aunty Jan since I had her omiyage from Japan to give her and haven't seen her in a long time. Thought it would be a fun girly thing to do. Papa Joe decided to come to, but I'm pretty sure he was disappointed to find out we were just having tea and not lunch. Here's Akemi and me with our pretty tea cups.. Akemi had her first taste of tea that day. She said she liked the one I chose best- chocolate mint and asked if she could have tea the next time instead of juice. Here's Grandma Helen with Akemi with the tea cart. We were able to smell all of the different teas before selecting which ones we wanted to try. They had a good selection. Here's the tray of goodies we indulged in. I think our favorites was the green tea scones! Finally, Grandma gave Akemi a Hello Kitty watch for making Citizen of the Quarter! Woo Hoo- 2 years in a row! Also- can you see she lost her front tooth? She was trying all day not to smile too much so that her missing front tooth wouldn't show. A couple of days later she lost the other front tooth, so now she is really toothless! We had a nice time and need to thank Aunty Jan for treating all of us to a fun afternoon of tea!


Joy said...

Looks like you all had a great time! That tray of goodies looks really ono, it's making me hungry!

Congrats to Akemi, too! Way to go!

Have a graet weekend!

Creative Grammie said...

I love tea parties! You all look like you had a wonderful time and such good eats.

Linda said...

Hey Jenny! Thanks for sharing this special outing with us! Akemi sure is growing up fast, huh? Congrats to her on such a great accomplishment! Have a great week!

Teri said...

Is this the tea place in Kailua? I loved it there, so many teas to select from and the sandwiches and pastries were so yummy! Akemi is growing up and congrats for making the Citizen award again!