Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello Kitty and Friends Frames

Here's some of the Hello Kitty (and other friends) frames I came up with. Thanks to Tracy for helping me figure out an easier way to cover the frames! There's a lot of photos in this post, so bare with me... First up is a frame that was inspired by a fellow crafter- Jen. We are both "Jenny" and hang out at Island Scrapbooking, so to avoid confusion, they call her "Jen" and me "Jenny". Anyway, I knew we'd be friends when I asked her for her email and it referenced Hello Kitty! Anyway, she has 2 daughters, so I totally thought of her when I made this frame... Bow on the left is Mimi and bow on the right is Kitty. I was also inspired by other Hello Kitty friends, and this year came up with Chococat! He's one of my favorite characters. My boss (and friend) has a Chocoate mug at work and I look at it every day I meet with her. This inspired me to make some Chococat stuff this year. Oh yah, I even made that big rose too using the large flower punch and followed various tutorials on you tube. That was a bit challenging for me, but I like the results! Added in "tomodachi" since my daughter is learning Japanese and tries to use it daily. And who doesn't like Princess Kitty? So after I made the "Sisters" version, I decided to make a "BFF" version. If it didn't sell, I thought it would be perfect for my daughter and he BFF. And another friendship frame.. Did a bit of altering again... Used Aloha Kitty die by Sizzix and then covered her sarong by making my own grass skirt! Now she really looks like a hula girl! After covering this frame with ice cream treats, I was a bit stumped on what to accent it with. I finally remembered an old card I made using this HK Sizzlits die and adding in my own ice cream cone by using the Martha Stewart punch. Since the die is smaller, I filled the rest of the area with "Sweet". And I still love cupcakes... I think this might be the last of this favorite Doodlebug Cupcake paper. The Sizzlet die is an old exclusive SU die, but not sure if its available anymore. It's one of my favorites. This frame reminds me of Sweetland Papercrafts! I guess I was inspired by the other girls when I was making my own stuff. Thanks girls for participating in this year's craft fair! Couldn't have done it without you!


Joy said...

OOOHHH! Chococat is my absolute Favorite! Those frames are so darn cute!

Great job coming up with all these cute projects, Jenny!Thanks for sharing!

Cyndi said...

Aww love all the frames...esp. chococat!

Brenda said...

these are adorable! i love how you created chococat! gonna have to try that one out!

Creative Grammie said...

Hi Jenny,
These frames are so adorably cute! My GDs love HK. I'll have to make a few for them.
And to let you know how out of it I am, This is the first time I've heard of Chococat, just as cute as HK.
Enjoy the season!