Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sister Stamps Frames

My friend Tracy told me how to cover frames with paper. The first time I made them, I didn't have the technique quite down, but this time they came out much better. Thanks Tracy! It's always a crap shoot at every craft fair. You never know what people will like or want. Last year, I made some Sister Stamps items that didn't sell all that well. This made me hesitant to start the stamp line, but I had confidence in my sister's work, so I still pursued it. While Hello Kitty is still a crowd pleaser, I actually got much more compliments on the Sister Stamps items I made this year. I was kinda hoping some of them wouldn't sell so I'd be able to give some away as gifts, but they all pretty much sold out. Here's some of our oldies but goodies. I made a few using some of our new images that will be coming out next year, but I'm saving those to show you once they are released (I can't wait!). For now, here's some of our favorites... Not sure yet if I'll be doing another craft fair for Girl's Day, but I think these would sell great at that fair too.


KYd said...

Love the frames. The background paper is cute and matches the images so perfectly!

Cyndi said...

They are all so beautiful! glad they were a hit!

Leanne said...

Love em! Glad they were well received this time. Can't wait to see the new images you made frames for.