Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Cup of Tea

When my sister visited earlier this summer, she went to have tea at Kailua's A Cup of Tea.  She loved it so much, she bought us gift certificates so we could go with the girls.  When my brother visited from the mainland, we decided to take the girls to tea so we could all enjoy the experience together.   Now I've only been to one tea room before so I thought it would be the same experience.  Boy was I wrong!  Maybe it's cause I like the whole Shabby Chic thing now? Not sure, but I absolutely loved the atmosphere at A Cup of Tea!  It was full of Shabby Chic goodness!  Here's some of my favorite things...

This bird was found at the entrance to the tea room.  I love it!  It's pink for one thing, and it has actual feathers!  Wish I could find one for my office...

And what is a tea room without a chandelier?  Reminds me of Debi and Mrs. Lum... except Mrs. Lum's would have feathers and it would be in a birdcage!  LOL!

I thought this teapot lamp was cute and so fitting for a tea room!

I love this! I don't even know what it's called but I want to find one now and decorate it with chandelier crystals!  ha ha ha! I can see my husband cringing already. I'm sure he can't wait till this "phase" passes.

Ok... I totally posed the humming birds, but I couldn't help myself.  I thought they were so cute- they are actually salt & pepper shakers.  Don't I have a pretty teacup?

Mmmmmm, here's the soup of the day- Mushroom!

Yummy- here's the food.  Bottom tier was sandwiches- cucumber & tomato, ham w/aioli (?), and tuna.  Middle tier was cranberry scones and fruit.  Top tier was chocolate cake and orange dreamcicle cupcakes. My brother said they taste like box mix, but I like box mix! I couldn't tell the diff.

Here's the fun part!  Dressing up!  Just before we left, we saw that the side room had a hat stand full of fun hats to wear.  The girls (including Grandma) had fun picking out hats.

Paul couldn't let the girls have all the fun.  He wanted to dress up too.  They decided to make a funny face for this one.  My youngest niece has the best pose.. under the top hat!  She cracks me up.  We think she was probably smiling under the hat too.  ha ha ha!

And we were surprised to meet a fellow blogger at the tea room!  Colleen met my sister in law at the airport of all places.  She was nice enough to offer her help to my sister in law when she needed it.  Then we bumped into her at A Cup of Tea... while she was talking to my sister in law, I recognized her... wasn't sure if she was a blogger or just a local crafter.  I had done so many make 'n takes last month, I wasn't sure if I had met her that way or through blogging.  How weird is that??? To add more weirdness to this story, she was there with another blogger that I DID meet at one of the make 'n takes! Crafters are so nice yah?

I must say I really enjoyed this tea experience!  I would definitely recommend going there again!  On a funny note, my husband really enjoyed this experience as well.  Who would have known?  I think he was skeptical at first, but once the waitress said that if we finished all the sandwiches she would bring more, his eyes lit up... Then after we were almost done eating, she said... "you saved room for ice cream right?"  now my husband was in heaven! Ice cream too?  Even though it was a bit too shabby for his taste, even my not-so-shabby husband had a good time!


Creations by Shirl said...

Hey Jenny!
I'm glad you got to enjoy your fun time at Cup of Tea... By surprise my cousin is the owner of this business, and my sister is the Head Chef there.
Although I've never been there yet they are so highly recommended by some very famous people. Yes, my cousin travels alot to the mainland to buy all her collections of tea ware. She is also so very festive on all the special holidays.. I will have to contact her and share this with her... If I would of known she would of given you all some royal treatment there. Maybe next time let me know so I can inform her....

Joy said...

Wow, what a small world! See, creative people of allkinds make the world so friendly!

Your hubby is such a cool guy! I can see how you both support each other and your families!

Thanks for sharing, I only went to tea once and I really liked it. Sounds liek Another place to try out.

Thanks for sharing!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Wow, that is so cool that you got to meet Colleen and another blogger. It's a small world after all.

Colleen said...

It was so cool meeting you last week at A Cup of Tea. It was fun bumping into your brother and his wife several times while we were on vacation. I won't be surprised if we bump into each other on the Mainland one day since we don't live too far from each other. Have a nice weekend!

Cami said...

We MUST go there next time! Skip the dim sum for one day?