Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Fun!

My family has pretty much all moved away.  We are one of the last ones to remain in Hawaii, so when someone comes home to visit, we always make an effort to fly to Oahu to visit.  The last time my cousin and her family came home, we weren't home, so we missed them.  This time, we were happy to find out they'd be coming to the Big Island to visit us!!  Well, they were actually here for a wedding, but they came over to Hilo to spend some time with us.

We haven't seen the kids since their son was 1 years old!  He's so big already.  By the way, meet Keitaro, Akemi, and Miyako!  All three have stamps named after them!  They had a lot of fun playing with the bubbles that smelled like fruit!

Me and my two cousins grew up together.... Its rare that we are all together... Meet Yoshimi and Yoshi!  We are just missing my other cousin Laura!

And here's us again w/my husband and Yoshimi's husband.

And here's the kiddies again.  Akemi was showing them her wand.

I think they had fun.. Wish they lived closer!  Hopefully we can have a family reunion soon.


Leslie's pics said...

so cute! wow, I haven't seen Kris like...FOREVER!

Leanne said...

Very cool! Glad you had a good time with your family and it's really nice to meet the ones the stamps are named after.
Have a great weekend!!

Joy said...

Thanks for sharing, it's so nice to see so many happy faces!

Now, my stamps have even more meaning since i know who they are all named after!

Have a great weekend!