Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hoard Vault Swap with Scrapstress

Hello Peeps!  Just wanted to share a swap that I did with my new friend Rina "Scrapstress"!  Let's just say that I was kinda intimidated to swap with this girl since she does awesome work!  Lfundoo doesn't make me feel any better by scaring me with her comments after she saw Rina's project for me.  Yikes!  Hope she likes what I made for her! (Biting my nails).

Well, it's too late now right?  If she really hates it, she can peel off the name and re-gift it to someone. Bwahahahaha!  So speaking of peeling off the name... check it out...

Did you notice?  Well, Lfundoo did when I showed her a sneak peek at my project.  That's what I get for working on it when I'm sleep deprived.  How embarrassing it would be to have given this version to her!

So I fixed it by adding in the missing "s".  Good thing I had Linda proof read it for me.  LOL!

So I started with a suitcase looking box I found at Ross.  You can get some inexpensive boxes there and alter them- cheaper than using real wood boxes and it comes with the hardware!  First thing I did was paint the box. I hate painting... want to just get to the part of decorating it, but Rina told me to relax and enjoy the process.  Is she kidding?  LOL!

After I finished painting it, I had to figure out what I was gonna do.  At first I was going to use my sprays on it, but didn't want to mess it up.  So I opted for covering it with paper instead.  Used some of my shabby fence paper- I think its by Kaisercraft.  Love. this. paper!

After I got the paper on, went through my stash of flowers and picked out a bunch in pink, celery green and white.  We asked each other about preferred color scheme and this is what Rina said she likes.

After putting on the flowers,  I felt like the top left corner was too bare, so I added on a banner using some seam binding.  The banner was punched with my new SU banner punch and Prima Princess papers.  Added one of my rhinestone butterflies from my Downtown LA haul.

Then it was time to decorate the sides.  I was a bit unsure how to proceed because if I used dangling lace, it would interfere with opening and closing of the box.  So I decided it was time to bling the heck out of my project by using this beautiful trim I got from Aarti from One Little Dreamer.  Love it!  Not sure why, but this trim just screams "Rina" to me!

Now the inside doesn't totally match the outside, but I filled the box with some goodies.  We agreed that the only goodies we could buy was non craft related. If we added in crafty stuff, would have to be from our stash.

Oh.. almost forgot to show you the pocket!  This was the first time I made a pocket. Hope it is secured ok.  I used some of the lace on a roll that I have and glued it to the inside cover.  Added some white trim I got in DTLA and then some sweetheart flowers from my stash.

Ok peoples... wish me luck.. hopefully Rina likes what I made!


Leanne said...

you're kidding right?! i'm sure she'll love it!! Gorgeous job Jenny!
Don't doubt that you can't do what you do and do it well. you're definitely at the top girl!!

SuiLan said...

This is so amazing! You got it girl! There is so much to see that my eyes are scanning every little detail!

**CrEaTiNgWiThAlOhA** said...

I love your project you made for Rina!!!!!!She will definitely love it!!!!