Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Michele!

We had a night of fun at Michele's not so surprise party last weekend. You can read more about it here... Just wanted to share what I made for Michele. After I made this frame, I thought Michele would like it, so instead of selling it at one of the craft fairs I did last month, I decided to give it to her. This then triggered the butterfly theme used for the rest of the stuff I made, including this matching card. Now, whenever we all get together- which is pretty rare, we can't make a poor showing in the crafty department right? I mean, what do you make for someone who owns a craft store? Gotta do something new, or complex, right? Well, I ran out of time to do complex, so I settled for something new. Saw this triple easel card on youtube and thought it was pretty cool. Of course, measurements were in metric, so I altered it a bit and came up with this... There are several versions out there, so you can check them out all over blogland. Then comes the wrap, which is JUST as important as the gift to all of us crafters.. right? Well, I can't take credit for the bag itself, but I did decorate it. Hope that counts for something. Anyway, whipped this up pretty quickly and slapped on a butterfly so that it all matches. Yay! at least I wasn't shame to give Michele something in a used plastic shopping bag! Happy Birthday Michele! Had so much fun with everyone. Oh- and I'm still waiting to hear when the next party is and who's teaching??!! ha ha ha ha ha!


kris said...

WOW!!!! so beautiful!! Love the whole matching items and i LOVE the frame!! TFS!

Michele said...

AWESOME job on everything Jenny! I love the frame and how you matched everything else to it...absolutely stunning! And that card...LOVE it!!

Lani ^_^ said...

You never fail to amaze me with your crafting talent!