Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yum Yum Dim Sum!

I just love dim sum, don't you? Here in Hilo we are seriously lacking in the dim sum department. If you make dim sum and want to make some money, move to Hilo and sell some to me! So my blogging GF Linda keeps posting all of her dim sum lunches on FB and makes me drool when I see them! When I finally told her I could meet her in Honolulu, we decided on some yummy dim sum! Now I'm no dim sum expert, in fact, I never really ate dim sum (excluding manapua and pork hash) until I went with my brother and his wife in the mainland. It was a whole new world of food that I had never experienced! I think it's cause my mom can't eat most Chinese food due to her allergies, so we never really went out to dim sum as a family. So now that you know my dim sum background, you'll understand why I had so much fun... Linda, Kyoko and Cami are dim sum experts! They know the names by the real name, not calling it "the one with shrimp" or "the one with pork and spinach" or whatever it is. So Aunty Jan and I just let them order whatever and we weren't disappointed! Honestly, I don't know what I ate, all I know is that it was ONO! OK- dim sum was not the only reason I had so much fun.. it really was the company. I brought along Aunty Jan this time because we found out they knew who she was but didn't know she was my Aunty Jan! :) Funny yah? All this time they knew her... probably better than they knew me! We had a great time - my cheeks are still sore from all that laughing! Can't wait till our next get together- hopefully it will be sooner than later! Also got the chance to meet up with Eunice! If you have not had a chance to visit her blog yet, you really need to check out her unbelievable creations! We had a nice lunch and got to finally talk story. I felt really bad because the first time I met her I interrupted her Cricut meeting! So rude yah? Wish I remembered to take a picture of us at lunch! Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks ladies for all the RAKs and more importantly- fun times!


Lani ^_^ said...

Where did you guys gooooo?!?!?!?!

Dena said...

I wanna know where the "experts" took you for dim sum also! LOL My bf and I used to go to a place in Aiea. Once, we sat right next to Jason Scott Lee (played Bruce Lee and Mowgli on the big screen). Unfortunately, the restaurant closed down. :( Glad you had fun!


Cami said...

Hi Jenny! Gosh was that a fun lunch or what?!!! I'm so glad Aunty Jan came...don't know why she's been so shy all this time when we all KNOW HER!!! We'll do it again! Royal Garden has been our fave joint for dim sum and noodles! Do you know we were there over 2 hours eating and laughing?!! Thanks for the "ono" foods from the Big Island! The sweet potato chips were da winna! Lets do dim sum again...I LOVE my Chinese food as Linda and Kyoko both know! See you soon, and Aunty Jan!
Hugs, Cami