Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hero Arts CHA Class!

So you are probably wondering if I took any classes while at CHA?  Well, I managed to get into 2 Hero Arts classes and dragged my sister along with me.  She was hesitant at first, but after the class starting going, she managed to keep up and ended up enjoying herself.  In this first class, we made 5 cards in 2 hours!!  Of course, all the kits were cut, so we didn't have to take time for that.. just had to cut out a few stamped images, but nothing major.

The best part about taking the class was that it was taught by Hero's Designers that you see all the time on their blog- Jennifer McGuire (stamp god) and Shari Carroll and a few others.  It was fun to see them in action and get great tips along the way.

The pace of this class was FAST!  Even I had a hard time keeping up, but I think it might have been because I was trying hard to listen to the instruction over my sister whispering to me.. "what did she say?, what do we do now?"  I think it didn't help that we picked the back of the room either.  The cool thing was that during the class, they picked names and gave away stamps from the new catalog and at the end of class, they told us what stamps and supplies we could take with us.  All that free loot was so worth it!  Did I mention the class was included in the badge fee?  Others around us told us that last year you had to pay $30 per class, so this was a good deal.  Free is good to me!

As you can see, that newsprint background stamp was used a lot.  I think I need to get that stamp!

We also used that pretty Basic Gray paper.  Love it!

Since this was a basic card making class, the cards were pretty simple to make. The only thing we did really was put them together.  It did give me some good ideas in terms of layering etc.  If you want to see these cards in person, head down to Island Scrapbooking- I dropped them off there for customers to check out.

I took another class the same day, so I'll share another post on the cards we made in that class.  Ja mata!

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Leanne said...

Wow you're lucky. Us vendors didn't get to do any classes. Maybe one day we'll be able to enjoy like you folks. Love the cards, that newspaper stamp is pretty terrific. Gr8 job doing all 5 cards in such a short time. TFS!