Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fun With Mei Lin

Sometimes I spend so much time promoting our new Sister Stamps images that I neglect the first releases!  Sorry girls!  Time to give them some love too.  So I decided to enlarge Mei Lin and add her to one of the frames.  Mei Lin was from the first release of Sister Stamps.  I just love her hairdo! I don't think I've ever had that hairdo myself, but its really cute!  And her pinwheel really brings this image to life.  It continues to be one of my favorites!

Here's a close up Mei Lin...

Check back soon for more craft fair samples!


Jazzmom said...

Jenny, all your photo frames are so cute! I wish I could attend your craft fair, but I am on the mainland. I'm sure it will be a success!

Leanne said...

Aw, so cute!! I've been playing with the older ones too as they are some of my favorites. I need to pick a month in 2013 and make some of these awesome frames. They make great gifts!! I agree with Jazzmom, I wish I was there to see them all in person. Maybe next year... ;)