Thursday, June 13, 2013

Akemi's Birthday!

Woah!  I still cannot believe that my little girl is getting so old!!!!  Man, I remember when she was in my belly and look how big she is already!

We are having her b-day party later because its so hectic around her real birthday, but since Grandma Helen was here, we had a small kine dinner at our house to celebrate.  

Akemi recently discovered how cool Barbie is.  It's about time girl!!  Grandma Kat found the coolest dress up Barbie card.

Thank you Sara & Haley for the birthday $$!  Books are at the top of my list!

So happy Bachan came to dinner...

Luv'n this new dress from Grandma!  I love dresses!!

See!  More dresses!

Oooooohhhhh... Any guesses?  Where's all the Harry Potter geeks?  Gotta be from Aunty Denise & Uncle Guido...

Birthday hugs from Grandma Kat...

Peace Papa Steve!

Drum roll please...... Ready for the big bike!  No training wheels now!

Photo bomber...

Aahhh, one more year gone.  (sniff sniff).  The real party is next!

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eva said...

happy birthday to your daughter! wow, lots of cool stuff for her bday! my daughter was never much of a barbie fan even though i wanted barbies when i was a kid.