Friday, December 6, 2013

Sister Stamps 12x12 Calendars

Are you still with me?  Yes, I have lots more to share...

Need to thank my sister who really helped me out this year.. thanks sis!  I don't think I could've cranked out as many calendars this year if not for her.

So I also made some Sister Stamps 12x12 calendars too..  This one is my favorite.  I think it's cause it's a new design that will be released next year (she doesn't even have a name yet!).  For now I call her "crane girl".  Made this one for a special crafty friend who helps me a lot every year for my craft fair.

And here's some Taiko calendars.  Had to make more cause Paul showed them to his Taiko group.  Girl will be a new release for next year too.

Yoshimi is an old favorite, but do you see someone new?

Kiki makes an appearance too!  Miyoko is altered a bit from the original image. She used to be holding a cupcake, but now she's holding an umbrella.

We have another new image here along with Miyono.

Couldn't go without Kiyomi!

Even had some of the critters make an appearance.

Mei Lin is here too along with another newbie.

 If you are interested in these, hopefully you can make it to my fair on Saturday!


Cami said...

You've been very busy creating all these wonderful calendars! Great them all!

eva said...

love the new images! wow, and you made so many calendars! takes me so long just to make one!