Thursday, November 20, 2014

More Craft Fair Project Shares

I'm back with more project shares...  I have some of these left to sell on Saturday's craft fair at my house.  Yay!

These are very popular for giving to little children.. Its a mini mailbox to be used to leave your letter to Santa on Christmas Eve.  I decorated each Target mailbox (you have to raid their stash in the dollar bin around Valentines day) and then glued it to the glass candlestick.  Then I added a Mama Elephant Santa and some Island Scrapbooking laser cuts.  On the door, I added a decorative bow and inside there is some candy for the recipient. I'm so excited to make these this year!  The 4 I made last year completely sold out so quickly that I was glad to have more available this year.  I have to remember to save one for Akemi!

Another brain child I came up with this year is altered lunch bags I found at the target dollar bin.  I'm telling you, the target dollar bin is a gold mine for crafters!  I made all the flowers that were attached to the bags and they have been selling pretty good so far. I only have a few left from last weekend and will be making a few more with the stock I have on hand for this weekend.

Here's some altered bags I made originally for my daughter's birthday party last summer.  All of her friends loved them!  So I decided to make some for the craft fair this year. 

More altered canvas bags I made for the fair...

Hmmm, not sure why the thumbnail is not working here... Anyway this video features my altered mirrored compacts and teacher gift sets I made this year...  Teacher gift sets always seem to sell so well here. I think parents with young children are always looking for gifts for teachers at Christmas.

I still have calendars to show here too... will post those shortly.  See ya soon!

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