Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anniversary Pop Up Scrapbook

My mom has got to be the hardest person to buy a gift for. The only thing she seems to like from her kids are things that we make for her. It would be so much easier if buying her a nice blouse would make her happy, but I can just hear her say... "Thanks, but I really like it when you make me scrapbooks.".. Yes, my mom is very blunt and has been known to say- "Why would I want that? I only have one body", or "I have so much stuff in my house, I don't need any more stuff", or even "Even free I don't want it!". That last one was stated at a local craft fair in which I had to hold my head down in shame. I have since trained her to be more considerate in front of crafters since they are the ones who actually make the stuff and can get hurt feelings from these types of comments- I know, I've been there.
OK- so back to the story about the scrapbook. Joe (stepdad) is a photo fanatic. He is the one who makes everyone take photos during gatherings that we all dread, but are actually happy later when we get the photos.
So, keeping these two personalities in mind... a scrapbook is probably the best gift you can give to them... unless of course you are willing to do their yard. Now that I got the hang of making the pop up scrapbook featured on Teri's blog, I decided that this would be an easy but impressive gift to give to them to document their Anniversary party. Given the fact that we had only about 10 photos taken the whole day, I don' t think I would have had enough photos for a regular scrapbook anyway.
Here's the 1st "page".
2nd "page"
Mom's face just shows how surprised she was!
We couldn't fit everyone in one photo, so we took photos by table.
Last page..
It sure was fun surprising them. I hope they like this gift!


Kyoko said...

Such a sweet gift for you precious Mom! Ohhh, Vegas ... she sounds like my kind of girl! LOL! I bet she will absolutely CHERISH this gift! Such a sweet daughter!

joni h said...

Now I'm really going to have to try that scrapbook out! It looks really great when you add the pictures & sentiments! What a great gift!

Linda said...

Jenny - this is such a great gift! You know our parents (who love LV) will absolutely flip with a gift like this! So very thoughtful of you ... Hugs, Linda

P.S.: Can you e-mail me please? I have a question about one of your HK projects. Thanks!