Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Halloween Fun!

Had more Halloween photos to share with you all. This year Halloween was on a Sunday, so we had a weekend full of Halloween activities... First up are the cool Halloween cake pops I found at Puff City.. I was buying cream puffs for my class and saw these cuties and had to buy them for Akemi. They also had a bat cake pop too, but didn't get that one. Here's Akemi in her Mario costume... She is really into Mario Party so we thought this was a good choice for this year. Isn't that moustache so funny on her??? Here's Akemi trying to imitate Mario punching the (imaginary) dice block. Here's the Mario "Sistahs". JJ wanted to be Luigi after she found out Akemi was going to be Mario. We met Luigi at the mall. It sure was crowded! They had free kids crafts then trick or treating- totally chaotic but at least I got free Yogurtland!! Here's DH's pumkin this year. He saw something on the net that inspired him to make this cannibalistic pumpkin. I actually like the face on the smaller pumpkin. Here's what it looks like lit up. If you look closely, it looks like the small one is throwing up wax! The candle kept blowing out, guess cause it was tilted. Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Be back soon with more calendars.


*~kAy~* said...

Akemi is so adorable :P
mario party is so fun! :P

haha! so funny! :P It DOES look like the smaller pumpkin is throwing up hahaha!

eunice said...

Akemi and JJ are too too KAWAII as Mario & Luigi! Did you make their costumes? They are adorable! Hey...talent really does run in your family...your dh's pumpkin(s) are so cool!