Friday, December 17, 2010

Easter Seals Gingerbread House

This past Sunday was the annual Gingerbread House Decorating Event for Easter Seals at Sanga Hall. Ever since Akemi was a toddler, we took her to decorate a gingerbread house. It was so much fun, I even bought this lazy susan to make it easier to decorate (I'm crazy I know)... Akemi is finally old enough to decorate the house herself, so all I did this year was put the icing on it for her to add her candies. Grandma Kat is our construction crew, so she helped us to put the house together. Its so much fun to get together to do this project. Akemi wanted to make one half of the roof in M&M's and the other half in snow caps (yum!). We put a heart over the door to show our love! When Akemi asked for lollipops this year, I didn't know how she was going to put them up. Daddy figured out that if you stick the stick end into the gumdrops, it makes a good "pot" for them. She said the lollipops were her plants/trees. I think she's been playing too much plants vs. zombies! About 1/2 way through, someone came by and offered us extra gingerbread pieces, which we could not resist... Daddy made Kiki a dog house outside (yeah right, like she'd ever sleep outside!), and you can't really see from this blurry photo, but Grandma Kat made a little Kiki doggie out of mini marshmallows. I think Akemi ate more than what went on the house! Our neighbor sat on our table and was nice enough to take our photo with our gingerbread house. We had a blast this year making our house and watching what everyone else came up with. The commercial side was even more impressive- too bad I forgot to take photos of those too! The bestest thing about this event (other than decorating the house) is we don't have to clean up!!!!


kris said...

Wow!! That looks like so much fun!! Love decorating gingerbread houses because the best part is all the yum!! hehe! Thank you for sharing the wonrderful (and yummy) pixs!!

Joy said...

What an enchanting gingerbread house she made! It all looks so yummy and I love the heart above the door!

I give you props for bringing the lazy susan, that's what we use when we decorate cakes, too!

That's a great tradition you have started and I'm sure it makes for some great holiday memories!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!