Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shabby Parisian?

By the time I made this frame for my friend Cami, I was an expert!  Cami's style is very frilly and feminine with lots of lace and flowers.  Well, I don't have much lace in my collection, so I started out by framing the inside opening with some pearl trim.  After looking at it for awhile, I decided to add the Tim Holtz rosette trim that also came with some elastic ruffled trim and seam binding, which I used on the bird cage ornament.  I decided not to die the rosettes and leave them white.  Since the frame itself was painted pink and the rosettes were white, I decided to add some black and go Parisian!  This was inspired by CreativeKelly4rmCali who has a YouTube channel full of shabby chicness that I can't stop watching!  

So here's a look at the whole frame.  This time I had finished up covering the mini clothespins too, so they made it to the photo.

Cami loves butterflies, so I had to add them in somewhere.  Since I wanted some black but not too much, I decided to cut the butterflies out of black mirrored cardstock- which reminds me of laquer.  I also adhered a black bow to the frame for more black accents.  And each clothespin was covered with some old Doodlebug polka dot paper for more touches of black. I'm glad the black wasn't overpowerful.  Here's a closer look at the embellishments.  Do you like the flower stickpin I stuck in the rose?

The butterfly punch is by Martha Stewart and the roses are by Wild Orchid Crafts and I am Roses.  The buckle and flatback pearl is from Sa Crafters.

This larger butterfly die is by Memorybox dies- my favorite!  And below is the close up of the clothes pins.  I love those acrylic flower accents. I got them from Ben Franklin, but can't remember what the brand was. (Sorry!)

I took this photo to show you the stickpin on the back. This one had a butterfly on it.  And you can see the buckle (ribbon slider) and flatback pearl better here.

Ok last photo.. forgot to mention that I stickled the flowers too for some bling. It's hard to see but its there.

That's all of my shabby projects so far.  I'm hoping by the time you read this I'll have created another one!  Gotta wait to post this till Cami receives it.  Ta ta for now!


eva said...

so pretty! i love the butterflies and the pins!

~Tammy~ said...

Oh my this is gorgeous! Wowzers!!!!

Linda said...

This is totally GORGEOUS girly! Another awesome shabby project! Missed you on Saturday ... xoxo!

Cami said...

STUNNING! OMGosh Jenny, I was so speechless (me?) and awestruck when I opened up the box with this (and many other goodies)in it! This is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! You are so creative and talented to have replaced the glass piece with the chicken wire! I SO LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this masterpiece you created for me. I will TREASURE it forever! All the details you put in shows your love for crafting and your genius creative side! I love the black butterflies (you know me!) and the cute little altered clothes pins. I am so BLESSED to have been the recipient of this magnificant creation of yours and thank you endlessly from the bottom of my heart! We missed you on Saturday but we'll catch up soon again!

Love and appreciation,