Monday, February 4, 2013

2/4/13: Tokyo Disneyland Baby!

 We told Akemi that she could choose either Tokyo Disneyland or Disneyland Seas on this trip since we didn't have time to do both.  She ended up choosing Tokyo Disneyland, citing that they had the Electrical Parade, which she's never seen.  So we headed to the subway and ended up taking three trains/subways to get there.

While on our way to the ticket booth, we saw these girls with "Mickey" hair.  I thought that was cute.

We finally got our tickets and went to stand in line...

The lines were huge considering it was Monday here in Japan.  So much for avoiding the crowds.  I did notice that it was more adults than children though...

We decided to cut through the castle and paused for a quick pix.

Being that Paul and I had come here before, we immediately went for the Pooh's Hunny Hunt fast pass before anything else.  Then we headed for Mickey's Philharmagic... We missed that last time, so I wanted to get in to see it this time for sure.  I give it a thumb's up!  Even though it was all in Japanese, you won't want to miss it.  Besides, who can understand Donald Duck in English anyway?

After Philharmagic, we went on the Haunted House.  Akemi was really scared but wanted to go to see the "original" version since she only remembers the Nighmare Before Christmas version.  What a geek yah?

Next on the agenda was to find a popcorn bucket... The only ones in the area were these ugly Donald Duck butt/feet ones or Marie (cat from Aristocats), which I did not want to pay 1500 yen for.  So I just got the regular box of soy sauce and butter.  Yummy!  I got so jealous seeing everyones cute buckets... especially the mickey ears one.   Here's me with my regular box.  Booo on the box.

Look who we ran into!  He was also signing autographs... Can you guess what he signed it as?  GREEN ARMY MAN!!  Bwahahahahaha!  That is so awesome!

Then we had some time to kill before our return time for Pooh, so Paul and Akemi went on the Sky Jets (rockets).  I took a pass on that one and headed for Mickey's Toon Town.  I must say it was very much the same as the Disneyland version.  I checked out their store and found some cool Japan Disney stuff...

I think this is milk candy.  The packaging is so cute yah?

I thought this packaging was cute, but what's up with the strawberry covered arare?

I thought this was pretty cool... Mickey furikake!

I liked this so much I bought these Mickey and Minnie candy dispensers!  So cute!

I was very tempted to buy these but then decided against it since it looked a bit fragile.

And check this one out!  Everyones in this one!

I tried looking for the Stitch eating the boy's day koi but I think it's gone.  Booooo.

After roaming Toon Town for a bit, I went to meet Paul and Akemi who were just getting off the Sky Jets.  We headed for Pooh's Hunny Hunt to use our fast passes.  Yay!  Sooo glad we did that instead of the regular line.  Akemi really liked this one.  My favorite part was when you bounce along with Tigger.

After Pooh, we went right next door to Small World.  Akemi liked that too since it was different from the DL version.  They had an expanded Japanese and Asian section.  :)

By then I was thirsty and needed a break, so we found this cute teapot vending machine that actually had steam coming out of it!

And then it got really COLD!  Even Paul was freezing...

Before leaving Fantasyland, Akemi wanted to ride Peter Pan. Which is really ironic since she never liked it when she was younger.  It's pretty much the same as the LA version- still one of my faves!

While waiting in line, we caught some of the parade that passed by... Hi Mickey!

Then we headed to Big Thunder Railroad....  The line was super long, but Akemi really wanted to ride it... especially since there's no Matterhorn there.  So we waited over an hour to get on the train.  She said it was totally worth it!  I thought so too since she was screaming the entire time... so funny!  While waiting in line, I saw these girls with Monster's Inc. hard hats!  So cute!

After Thunder Mountain, I forced everyone to eat.  We went somewhere near the ride and ate fried chicken.  Not so good, but it was food.  We did like the Mickey head Churro though!

After our meal, Akemi wanted to go to Adventureland to go on Pirates.  We made our way there and I spotted the coolest popcorn container ever!!  It's Stitch in his spaceship!!!  And he's very nice looking (for a nice price too).  I was so happy- can you tell?  We are outside of the Tiki Room, but there's a twist on this classic...

Here's the signs heading into the Tiki Room... Any guesses?

Yes!  Stitch takes over the Tiki Room!!!  I actually enjoyed it even though it was all in Japanese.  LA needs to update theirs too.

After the Tiki Room we practically walked onto Pirates.  Yay!  I think that was the fastest I got on the ride!  It was pretty much the same as DL but some parts were in Japanese.

Oh... before I forget... Note To Self... the Chiba Traders store in Adventureland was good.  Remember to go there again!  I got a nice fan with Tsuru, Mickey heads and the castle!  I'll take a photo of it when I get home.

After Pirates, we headed to Mike & Sully's Adventure to see how the line was.  We stopped by the castle to see if we could get a photo, but I guess even though the castle was lit, you couldn't tell.  The Cast Member was nice enough to offer to take our photo, so we jumped at the chance since we rarely had one with the three of us in it!

On our way to Mike and Sully, we saw these dudes outside of the Astro Blasters ride.  That ride is really popular!  They just opened Toy Story Mania in Tokyo Seas, but I guess they still like this one.  What we forgot to take a photo of was the other alien taking their photo!

We finally made it to Mike and Sulley, but it was over 1 hr wait.  It would conflict with the Electrical Parade, so we decided to do the parade instead.  Paul & Akemi went to reserve seats on a bench (Yay!), while I did some shopping.  Before we left the area, they took a ride in Mike's car!

Boy was it cold where we were sitting!!!  We were dummies and did't bring our thick jackets.  I didn't bring my gloves either, so I was really cold.  Akemi was sitting on me so that I could keep warm!  Thank goodness I brought the scarf that Aunty Jan made for me.  Since it was really long, I was able to wrap it around my neck twice which really helped!  Thanks Aunty!

Yay!  Time for the Electrical Parade!  Woo Hoo!!  Akemi totally ejoyed it.  I think that was the highlight of our trip to Disneyland!

I especially liked the Genie float.  I don't remember it from last time, but he changed colors and even looked like other characters!

Then it was time to say goodbye to the Magic Kingdom... We had fun!  Till next time!

In the train station we found this!  I guess everyone is getting ready for Hina Matsui.

Getting a late start today after a long day yesterday.  Going to Odaiba and Tokyo Tower.  Also going to try to go Sengaku Ji- 47 Ronin Shrine.


Linda said...

Awesome post Jenny! You and Paul are making such great memories with Akemi!

Leanne said...

Awesome share!! If I ever make it to Japan I want to go there. Thanks for sharing!!