Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Japan Haul- Snoopy Town

So you are probably wondering about all the stuff I got from Japan?  Welcome to my first of many Japan Haul posts...  Some of the items are for me and my family and some were purchased as gifts.  I'll try to remember where I got each item, but forgive me if I'm wrong.. we went to so many stores that I might get confused!  We started with three half full suitcases and came back with three very full suitcases, a duffle bag, a box of Taiko stuff for Paul and my carry on full of snacks.  Thank goodness Hawaiian gives 2 free bags each on international legs!

First stop on our trip was Harajuku.  I was excited to go since the last time we went, Kiddie Land was in a temporary location, so I was hoping this time their renovations would be done.  I was happy to see that they were in their regular site- although this was all new to me!

The first place we headed for was the basement where we found Snoopy Town!  Akemi is a big Snoopy fan, so we knew we had to go there first.  Here's some of the loot we bought.  I know we bought more, but I can't find it!  Yikes, hope we didn't leave it behind.

We both picked up some Snoopy washi tape for our Smash books.  Yay!

I also got this cute Peanuts cosmetic bag for myself.  I love brown w/pastels.

Akemi liked this solar powered Snoopy & Woodstock figure.  Snoopy's head moves when activated by the sun.

Also popular are Nanoblocks.  They are very tiny Legos.  Haven't put it together yet, but will advise once it's done.  Looks like a difficult project to me!

And Akemi desperately needed a new lunch bag, so we picked one up for her too.

I'm pretty sure we also got her a new Snoopy umbrella (which came in handy in Sapporo) and a microfiber cloth to wipe her glasses.  Be back soon with more Japan Haulin!


Linda said...

Woohoo! Akemi scored! Can't wait to see the rest of your haulage!

eunice said...

Kawaii! Definitely hope to hit Harajuku while we're in Tokyo!

Leanne said...

Nice!! I have a friend who is also a Snoopy fan, she'd love to go check out Snoopy Town if she could. Great share!