Friday, February 22, 2013

Mick and Mattie

This is the year that me and my friends turn the big 4-0!  I thought I should do something special for them, so I've been busy looking for project ideas that they would like.  My friend Les is a photography enthusiast and even travels just for photo opportunities.  She has taken our family photos several times over now and has even done some family shots for some of my family.  Her birthday was this week, but I wasn't able to deliver the present like I had hoped.  I hope she picks up the gift and opens it before she sees this!

Here's what I came up with....

When I saw this project... I knew I had to figure out how to make one for her!!  It was a bit intimidating, especially since there were no set dimensions in inches, etc. I had to figure some of it out myself, but after I started going, it wasn't too bad.

I wanted to make a matching layout for her and decided to ask her for a photo of her doggies.  Mick and Mattie are her babies, so I knew she would like a layout featuring them.

I started by distressing the edges and then using my distress ink, distressed it in pink.  I like the look since the pink shows through but the rest of the paper remains white polka dots.

Next, I added a die cut of Tim Holtz's vintage camera.  I've been wanting to use this die, but didn't have any use for it.  This was the perfect project for it.. dont'cha think?  I made the flash by adhering some crystals.  I know you can't tell, but I popped up the camera several times to add dimension and finally added pink to the back of it and some acetate where the lens would be.

I added in a strip of rhinestone bling to balance against the horizontal photo.  Of course, I had to add some flowers right?  Right below the flowers, I made my own rhinestone bow by hot gluing the rhinestone trim together and then adding a pearl in a buckle for the middle.

And finally, I needed a title.. decided to go with the doggie's names.. Mick and Mattie...

 And here's the two cutie pies sharing a couch.  I really don't know how they fit on that couch as they are huge!

And now for the camera!  Stared by making a box and attached the flash and part on the right.  Then I attempted the lens. This was kinda tricky, but i somehow figured it out using my circle punches, acetate and strip.

Inside the lens I added a rose, crystal gem, pearl and Hello Kitty.  The Hello Kitty was part of a cell phone charm and I just took off the strap.

Used some bling mesh to make the flash and a buckle/flat pearl as part of the viewfinder.

I stacked two buttons and added another buckle/pearl for the zoom feature and the flower below for the shutter button.

On the back of the camera, I added a rectangle of mirrored cardstock and a rhinestone border around it.  The buttons on the side are clear with a flower glued to it.  Oh, can't forget the strap... used a single rhinestone bling and inserted them into an eyelet secured hole on each side.

When you open up the box, it looks like this....

I added in a smaller version of Mick and Mattie inside and decorated it using some roses and a small hearty clay butterfly.  I guess I didn't notice the stick pin fell off the rose.  It's supposed to be sticking up.

Here's a closer shot.

Just wanted to wish my friend a Happy Birthday!


eunice said...

Wow, Jenny, this project is certainly a labor of looks like it turned out beautiful, I'll bet it's even more spectacular irl! Your friend will most certainly fall in love with her special gift and treasure it!

Leanne said...

Wow o Wow jenny!! This is fabulous!! I think you should do a tutorial!! This is really fantastic and your friend is going to love it. Wow, this is really awesome!!