Saturday, March 27, 2010

Side Step Card Link

Happy Saturday! Is everyone enjoying their long weekend? I'm so tired and its only Saturday! We had a company picnic yesterday and my section was in charge of coordinating it. Luckily it stopped raining where we had our picnic and it turned out to be a beautiful day! The kids loved playing in the water (there was actually a small sandy area that resembled a beach) and we did a mini egg hunt for them. Here's my DD and her BFF after they got their goodie bags. My DD is such a ham- she wore her bunny mask the whole time she was hunting for eggs!
So the main reason I'm posting right now is because I received a special request for the tutorial link for the side step card I made a few posts earlier. There are several blogs that I found the instructions on but I used Julie Davidson's tutorial for mine, which also had a drawing of the template to follow, which I thought came in handy. Enjoy!

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Maylee said...

What a cute picture Jenny! Thanks for the link!