Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Tubes

Aunty Jan does it again! She visited us while we were in town and gave Akemi her belated b-day present. She positioned 3 plastic tubes together to make them look like vases, and stuffed them with different colored candies and topped each one with flowers. Then she cut an "E" for Akemi's initial and added Hello Kitty to accent. Unfortunately, she got the tubes through her work, so don't know where the rest of you can order them from. They are varying lengths, which make them perfect for this type of project. Akemi's Daba photo bombed this picture- do you see him on the side of the tubes? Here's the ham herself! Do you see what is in front of her??? Well, Aunty must've been reading my blog, cause she knew we are getting Yogurtland here in Hilo and got Akemi a gift card for her b-day. Drove past the store front today to see if they opened and so far they haven't. Speaking of frozen yogurt... We went yogurt crazy this trip! Only tried one new place though, so I'll tell you later what new shop I went to and if I liked it. We did manage to go to an old favorite that I will also share photos of.

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Jodi said...

Awesome photos and looks like everyone had a blast with the yogurt!!
Jodi =)