Friday, November 5, 2010

Year of the Rabbit

My talented sis drew me a slew of bunnies since next year is Year of the Rabbit! I love bunnies, so I fell head over heels for these cuties. Reminds me of Daba. Are you liking her designs so far? Hope I can crank out a lot more of these before my craft fair! By the way... if you would like to stop by my craft fair, please email me so I can send you the address. We are doing it my house with some other crafty ladies who will be selling their homemade creations too. Hope you can make it!


Kelli said...

That's SO CUTE! >.< LOVE IT! Is that a stamp?

eunice said...

Just can't get enough of these awesome images by your sister! And your calendars really showcase her images beautifully with all the embellishments!

Debi said...

So cute Jenny! The bunnies are precious!