Monday, November 29, 2010

Buried Treasure

Once upon a time I used to sew! Can you believe it? Its been about 10 years but feels like eons ago. Anyway, I'm busy getting ready for my upcoming craft fair this Saturday (which is why I haven't been posting much) when I suddenly remembered that I might have some old quilt stuff that I made years ago. I didn't think I had any quilts leftover, but I thought I might have some leftover pillow covers. We dug in the closet that we never go into, and found this buried treasure! I even had some with pillows inside. The good thing about them is you can take off the pillow case and wash it. Felt like finding long lost friends! I was happy to find these since I never did make Akemi a Japanese girl quilt. I will save some of these for her. Here's the kimono design too. So, I guess these will also go out at the fair to sell. Hope to see you there! Stay tuned.. my brother is sending me more craft items to sell- all the way from LA! When I get them I'll post them so you can see how talented my brother is too.


Joy said...
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Joy said...

Ooops! I think I need to get some sleep, Jenny!

Anyway...Like I was saying to "Brenda" guess we allwent form fabric to paper! Because I remember sewing someof those kimon type squares, too, butI never made a quilt.

So, you brother is sending you stuff, too. Whoa, your family sure is talented!

Have a great craft fair!

Unknown said...

Super cute projects! Thanks for sharing :)

Cyndi said...

wow, very nice! love the asian designs. i used to sew too...I sewed my prom dresses and then I stopped.

Creative Grammie said...

Wow! I just love it when I see someone that has a multitude of skills and talents. You're one of them Jenny. Doesn't it feel good to get behind that sewing machine? Love your blocks.
TFS and hugs.

Teri said...

wow! so talented! I love these quilt squares! i haven't touched my sewing machine in ages too! Hope all is well and you had a nice Thanksgiving!