Tuesday, February 15, 2011


OK- how many of you out there watch Gossip Girl? Yes, its my guilty pleasure that drive's my DH insane! He can't stand that show and always makes fun of the tag line- "X-O-X-O" whenever I'm watching it. All I can say is that he's very lucky we don't have digital cable in our office, so I have to watch it in the living room. Back to the card... so while making this card for Island Scrapbooking, I ran across an old Hero Arts Valentine's Day set that had the sentiment "XOXO". I couldn't help myself and decided to use this stamp as my sentiment. This Anya girl kinda looks like she would live on the upper east side, so I thought it was a perfect match! When I showed it to my DH, I told him that this was going to be his Valentine's Day card! Ha ha ha ha ha! Well, it just wouldn't be Gossip Girl without a little bling bling, so I added crystals as an accent along with some roses by Wild Orchid Crafts and Prima. The heart background is just a doily- perfect for Valentine's Day. Hope you had a great Valentine's day! I'm off to Kona for a few days of interviews, but have some pre-scheduled posts, so stop by tomorrow to see the other projects I've been working on!


Michele said...

Such a pretty card...I can feel the love! hehe :-) I love those roses!!

eunice said...

Very pretty card, Jenny! Love the colors and your wonderful copic shading techniques...sigh, one day I hope to learn to do this the right way. LOL, your story about your hubby and Gossip Girls is funny...in my house it's the other way around...my dh watches Gossip Girls and I tease him with the X-O-X-O!