Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clip Board Frame

I like to try out new ideas from time to time.  I found these blank recycled mini clipboards for $1, so I decided to do a bit of altering.  First I painted it with Gesso... do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?  Well, it's all an act.  Truthfully, I have no idea if its better to use Gesso or regular white acrylic paint.  Maybe I'll never know.

After giving it a coat of Gesso, I decided to add some of my treasured Prima DP from the Fairybelle collection.  You  can't see it too good cause I got Akemi's photo over it, but its really pretty!  I adhered it using mod podge instead of just regular adhesive.

Then I started embellishing.  First I chose the large white Prima flower to cover the clip part of the board.  Next to it, I added in some Prima aqua roses w/white tips.  Love those for a shabby look. Then I made another wire heart and added some bling and more roses.    Then I cut a pink mat and clipped the photo over it.  I think I like the fact that you can change out the photo if you like.  Plus, since it's also a clip board, you can easily hang it on the wall!

I've been on you tube a lot recently and found so many amazing projects!  I can't share some of them yet since they are gifts to some special friends...

Oh, and please check out the Sister Stamps blog for our Release #11 Sneak Peeks!  Hope you like them!

And for those of you who followed my Japan adventure a couple of years ago.. we are going again!  This time we are heading to the Snow Festival in Sapporo, so we'll likely freeze our buns off.  I'm hoping to keep a blog diary again of our trip, so you might want to check back if you want to see what we are up to on our next Japan Adventure!


Leanne said...

oh jenny!! this is beautiful!!
lovin' all your projects!!
have fun in japan and i'll be checking in for sure!!
Anzen'na tabi!
or safe travels.

Linda said...

Oh how I'm loving this shabby clip board! GF, you are definitely on a roll! I'll be sure to check your blog while you're in Japan so I can feel like I'm there with you! Oh, and don't forget to squat! Bwahaha! xoxo, Kimmie