Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Cami!

Sorry, I've been MIA lately.  Been so busy with Sister Stamps releases that I hardly have time to craft.  But I had to take time out from Sister Stamps to wish my dear friend a Happy Birthday!  I went home for a visit the other weekend and thought it would be a good time to celebrate my friend's birthday.  At first she almost blew the deal, but we ended up spoiling the surprise so that she would show up.  

About a year ago, we had planned to go to A Cup of Tea, which is a Victorian Tea Room in my home town.  My friends don't live in Kailua and don't really have a reason to visit all that often, so it was a nice change for us to meet up there.  

The first order of business was to check the place out!  It was so shabbylicious, I knew they would love it.  After shopping for a bit, we picked our tea and then sat down.  Our server reminded us to try on their hats too, so we went to go check it out.  I don't know if they wanted to, but I forced them to pick out a hat so we could take a picture.  Here's what we ended up choosing...

Don't you just love that flapper hat?  It totally matches her don't ya think?  Next is a shot of my two Besties when we got to our table.

And here's my teapot and cup.  So sweet!

Even the centerpiece was cute!

Here's what I made Cami for her birthday!  I was totally inspired by Vicki's project video here... I really wanted to make something special for her since she is so hard to buy for!  She seems to always find the coolest stuff, so it was a challenge to get her a birthday present.  It's a bit hard to tell from the photo, but I used a round paper mache box, painted it white and covered it with trims and flowers.  Inside I packed it with all kinds of embellishments and supplies.

After decorating the box, I glued it to a glass candlestick so it looked like it was on a cake stand.

And here's the other project I made for them.  Pink is for Cami, Purple is for Linda...

I had gotten these two lanterns from Pier One over the summer.  I had seen a few altered lantern projects on Pinterest, so when I saw them in the Kona Pier One, I picked them up.  I didn't do mine yet, will post once I actually get to making mine!

I decorated both with flowers from I am Roses, Wild Orchid Crafts, and Prima.  Also included some acrylic flowers and Petaloo butterflies.  Inside there were more flowers and a flameless candle.  Did you know that they now make flameless candles that are remote controlled?  Pretty awesome.

After our tea, we explored Kailua a bit and planned our next trip back to the tea room.  It was such a girly day- so much fun!

The next shot is of Cami's baby Twinkles.  So cute yah?!  She could hardly sit still, but finally layed down long enough for me to take her pix.  Her favorite toy is Elmo.  I think Elmo is as big as she is!

Stay tuned because we are hoping to go back and visit again once the tea room is decorated for Christmas!  Can't wait!


Colleen said...

Thanks for sharing such fun pictures of your time with your besties at A Cup of Tea and the super creative items that you made for them. I've been to two other tea rooms when I've visited Oahu, but I think a Cup of Tea is my favorite so far.

Cami said...

Thank you so very much for a wonderful day and a most fun BD at A Cup of Tea! We are definitely going back there. The "cake" you made for me will always be treasured and cherished. The picture doesn't do it justice. The rosette trim on the top looks like frosting, and all the shabby-chic embellies makes this over-the-top gorgeous. I love the lantern and you know how the lady there couldn't wait to go to Pier 1 to get some for a wedding! We had so much fun and I can't wait to go back to see the Christmas decor. Words alone can't express my gratitude and appreciation. I am so blessed.

Leanne said...

What a wonderful day with friends, tea, flapper hats and beautiful crafts. You all looked beautiful!
Gorgeous projects Jenny! When do you have the time?! Those lanterns are beautiful!! Wowee!!
Happy Belated to Cami!!