Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Cappy Birthday!

When my brother and his family visited over the summer, it was pretty hectic, but was fun to catch up with the girls to see how much they've grown.  When all the girls get together they are inseparable!  Wish we got to hang out longer with them. Hopefully they will come visit us in Hilo next summer.

While they were visiting, I found out that my poor niece never received the birthday gift we sent back in June!  I felt really bad.  Especially because we had sent her a gift card that someone probably stole and used by now.  Booooooooo....

So to make it up to her, we decided to send her another gift.  We found out she had gotten her own Wii recently and loved to make Mii's.  My daughter loves that too, so we thought she would love this Mii game for her Wii.  Unfortunately in Hilo, you can't find that game brand new anymore, so we had to get a used one.  Hopefully it works ok.

Since I'm still on my cris cross card kick, I decided to follow the same format for her card.  She kinda likes girly stuff, so I added a flower and some lace on a doily.  For fun, I added Cappy peeking out from inside the card.  BTW- forgot to mention that she loves dogs.

Here's the inside of the card.  Used another Island Scrapbooking laser cut sentiment.

And wrapped the game using the ribbon slider technique.

Sure hope she gets it this time!


Cami said...

Boo to whomever snagged her BD card! Yay! for sending her this super cute card and wrapped so nicely!

Leanne said...

KARMA will come around. No doubt. This is adorable Jenny! I bet she LOVED it and the game too. I'll have to keeps scrolling to see what the ribbon technique is. TFS!