Friday, March 28, 2014

Craft Fair Projects Inspired by Creative Young Mama

On my Epic Crafty Adventure with Lfundoo, I was fortune enough to meet up with a bunch of YouTube crafty ladies and had a blast getting to know them.  One of them is known as Creative Young Mama (Hi Marisa!).  She made some hand scrub and decorated mason jars to store it in and gave them to us.  Her project was so pretty, I was inspired to try it out myself.  Check out her project here..
In Feburary, there was a small craft fair that my friend asked me if I wanted to sell anything.  I wanted to see if there was any interest, so I decided to make a few of the hand scrub that Marisa made and also tried out a lemon body scrub.  You can find many recipes on You Tube. I had a lot of fun decorating these small mason jars.

Surprisingly, they sold pretty well.  Maybe I'll make some more for my next craft fair.


Leanne said...

Pretty!! Never knew they had the smaller mason jars. Love how you decorated them. I bet the lemon scrub smelled good enough to eat. hahaha!
Great idea, TFS the links and your project!

SuiLan said...

These are so cute! Marisa is so creative!

eunice said...

So pretty!!! I always love pretty things in small wonder these sold so well! Lemon scrub sounds delicious!!!