Monday, April 7, 2014

Imiloa Egg Class with Eileen Tokita

Have you ever seen Eileen Tokita's eggs before? If not, check out her You Tube channel... you will be amazed... 

Imiloa hosted a class by Eileen over the weekend and I decided to attend with a couple of friends.  I was pretty scared to take this class because it looked like you had to be very detailed and precise, which I am not.  But I decided to go anyway just for fun and was surprised to see a bunch of other crafty friends too.

The class provided everything you would need to make your egg.  She even pre-cut the egg and painted the inside for us! I picked the pink one of course.

Then she showed us a great technique for painting the eggs..  Love the color she chose!

After the paint was dry, we added the pearls and gold cording.  Can you believe this is my egg?

Then some gold trim...

And the pearlstickpin and bead cap.

And she showed us an amazing trick for making the bow!  I think I still need to practice.  Here's my finished egg.  I still can't believe I made this!!!

As you can see here, the egg is tilted a bit upwards so if its on the table you can see it.  I love the bunny.. She's so shabby!

Eileen and Debi brought some of their samples... Amazing!

Look!  She actually cut out parts of the egg!

OK this was my favorite egg.. I found out Debi made this!!!

See it opens up!

This one is so cute. I think it was made with quail eggs.  Found out Debi bought this from Eileen almost 40 years ago and its still nice!

This one was covered in velvet.

This was the Year of the Dragon kit.  Wish I could've taken this class!

 Eileen also teaches bling classes too.  I think I want to take these next!

So, if you live on Oahu.. you are in luck!  Eileen teaches classes almost every Sunday at the old Photocraft site off of Waialae.  I really want to go to another one of her classes again, it was so much fun!  I really surprised myself and still can't believe I made that egg!


eva said...

these are so pretty and amazing!

Leanne said...

Gorgeous! Can't believe how you can make something so fragile look so not. These are all so beautiful. I bet it was a great class.

SuiLan said...

I can't believe how adorable these are! You did a great job and no surprise there! It's nice to see such wonderful creative ladies here in Hawai'i.