Saturday, October 17, 2009


Wow, what a day! It was a crazy, fun filled sale day at Island Scrapbooking. Boy am I pooped! We had alot of fun, doing make 'n takes, games, eating, coloring, laughing, and just plain having fun! It was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves so much, some even came back in the afternoon to do the 2nd make 'n take that Debi did! Some just chose to hang out all day! We had several customers present at a number of the hourly drawings.
OK, I know I'm such a bone head for not taking a photo of my make 'n take! Duh! I'll go back to the store and take a photo later. Sorry! In the meantime, here's Debi's make 'n take.... She did her cute popsicle card! Later on, Carol dropped off some small popsicle sticks and Debi quickly went to work on the smaller version! I didn't get a chance to make the smaller one, but here's the prototype Debi made. She's so awesome!
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate! It wouldn't have been as much fun hanging out at the store all day if no one showed up!
A special thanks to my daughter Akemi for working so hard yesterday helping us get ready for the sale! She kept herself busy making these cool cards using punches. We "cased" the spider from Teri's blog, but came up with a few more animals using the same punches... Thanks for the idea Teri! My daughter had a blast and decided she wanted to teach her grandma how to make some too!
She decided the spider needed a nose and a hat...
Here she tried makign a flower... do you like her eyelashes? She must've made it a girl, because all her girls have eyelashes...
Here's her jellyfish.... She wanted to write Have a Jellin day. Not sure what that means but it sure is cute!
Finally, I liked her octopus so much, I decided to make a card using it. Since Island Scrapbooking now carries these new phrases in laser cuts, I decided to use the Happy Birthday sentiment. DP is by Doodlbug, I thought it was the perfect match!
I'll be posting more photos of the anniversary sale on the Island Scrapbooking blog, so check it out soon (not now, I'm too tired!)... Going to go to bed now.

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Teri said...

I love the cute popsicle card! Akemi was on a roll creating cute animals with the flourish punch! So cute!