Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creative Chemistry- Embossed Tags

The joke around my house now is that my other husband is Tim Holtz!  Yes, I do spend quite a bit of time with him and his Creative Chemistry videos, so my husband jokes that I'm having an affair with him.

So one day Creative Chemistry focused on distress embossing.  I wasn't able to do one of the techniques because I don't have the Distress Embossing Power anymore. I had it once, but I think I might've sold it (gasp!). I remember trying it out and not liking the results too much.  So I'm torn if I should get it or not. Any thoughts on using distress embossing powder out there?

So instead, I just used my regular embossing powders.  The first and last tags are pretty much the same- both using the emboss resist technique, then stamping over it. I'm having fun playing around with different color combos.  The middle tag is a method called Rusted Enamel Technique.  That one was new and fun for me... You emboss the entire tag!  Never thought of doing that before.  I'm laughing cause you can see the gouges I did  with my finger... definitely not as smooth as Professor Holtz!  Gotta try this technique out again. Stamps are by Hero Arts and Hanko Designs.  Later alligator!

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Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Ai, hala...having an "affair." Hee-hee, you crack me up. These are unreal nice.