Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Creative Chemistry!

More tags to share today!  This time I played with my new Distress Markers!  I would best describe them as a water based version of copics?  Or maybe a watercolor pencil marker?  You can use them in so many ways, but I think the best way I like to use them is to pick up the ink from a craft sheet using my new waterbrushes.  You get a real watercolor look to them when you do it that way vs. coloring directly to paper.  I guess I feel like I can get the intense color using my Copics, so to get this type of effect is new and exciting to me.

The flower tags are just me playing around with it. You are supposed to write your notes on what you did to get that look, but I forget!  ha ha ha! Guess I'm not a good student. I do remember what I did on the middle tag though.... That's stamping using the Distress Markers.  You can go directly from pen to stamp and colors will blend nicely if you overlap.  I've been seeing some samples lately and wasn't sure if I liked the results, but I'm a believer now!

I have more to share on Creative Chemistry, so check in again soon...


Linda said...

Very nice girly! I like the tag on the left the best. Those colors turned out very nice! Good job! Can't wait to see more ... xoxo KK (Kimmie Kuniyoshi) bwahahahah!

eunice said...

Neat-o! Pretty amazing the results you get from using different markers.