Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Uh yes, I know I'm a bit late.. but I've been busy getting through Thanksgiving, Black Friday and work. As I was working on some Sister Stamps posts, I came across these pix of Halloween goodies I made for my last craft fair!  Talk about late yah?  Well, even though I'm late I thought I'd blog about them so I can refer back to them next year when I'm grasping for ideas...

The Halloween craft fair I participated in was especially challenging.  When I think of Halloween, I automatically thing of Halloween candy!  Am I right?  Well, since the craft fair was at a school, and the schools now do not allow candy or other unhealthy snacks, I had to use my brain for once and come up with alternative treats.  Normally I would put M&M's or other small candies in the candy stick bags, but I lucked out and found these straws with flavoring inside, so when you drink milk, it will flavor your milk! It came in chocolate, strawberry and cookies 'n cream.  Kids seemed to like this a lot.  The bat, spider and kitty were part of a PTI set I bought last year.  The ghost is from an old Sizzix die and the pumpkin and Frankie were paper punch art.  I think I saw the Frankie at Ben Franklin.

Also made these fry box friends and dressed them up for Halloween.  See the healthy treats?  Added goldfish and fruit snacks.

 And finally, decided to go with some bookmarks- after all it is a school right?  Well, I guess no one was into reading cause I didn't see one!  That's ok cause I think they are funny to look at.  Hee hee. They make me laugh.

I found more craft fair stuff, so I'll post more soon. Until then- check out the Sister Stamps blog for our next release!

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eva said...

cute halloween treats! i know some teachers that use unhealthy foods during their lessons! one used oreos to teach math!