Friday, February 8, 2013

2/6/13: Travel to Sapporo- Part 2

We just got back to the hotel in Asakusa after our travel day back to Tokyo and dinner at an awesome tempura restaurant!  We are tired, so taking it easy this evening.  Good time for me to catch up on my posts...

I guess I didn't see these pix, but wanted to add them into my trip report since they were blog-worthy... After we arrived at our hotel, we wanted to check out the snow sculptures... as I mentioned before... Akemi was more excited about playing in the snow...  She and Paul made this cute snowman...

I guess the professionals can't have all the fun right?

And at the end of the street was the Sapporo TV Tower.  I think you can go up the tower like the Tokyo Tower, but we didn't have time.  It's still pretty lit up!

The crowd was not that bad.... I guess since it was a Wednesday?  I imagine the weekend must be CRAZY!  Thought this was so cute!  Many parents pulled their little ones along on this small sled.

Just looked up what this is... It's listed as the Hokkaido Winter Food Park!  No wonder I liked this sculpture a lot!  It looked so pretty illuminated!

OK I think that's all the ones I wanted to add for that day.  Be back soon with more posts on our Yuki Matsuri adventure...

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