Thursday, February 28, 2013

Japan Haul: Oriental Bazaar

 OK, now for some not so cute stuff..  I dragged Akemi to Oriental Bazaar while in Harajuku.  I love this store for the more traditional Japanese items. They have great gifts for those who don't like the cutsie stuff as much as I do.

Here's some of the stuff I picked up..

This is an address book.  Gorgeous right?  Love the cranes.

Here's a close up of the cranes.

Also picked up a couple sets of coasters....  Love these too!

Here's a close up of my favorite one...

Darn, should've picked up more sets of these!

And finally, got this smaller sized address book.  Love the sakura on the cover.

I know.. not much non-cute stuff yah?


Cami said...

Beautiful artwork...that's what I love about traditional Japanese stuff.

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Leanne said...

those are gorgeous. love the old traditional japanese art. great finds!