Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Graduation!

Remember the days when graduation took place in June?  Aaaaahhhh, am I showing my age?  Yup, nowadays everyone graduates in May along with UH.  I wish that was me back in the day!

So this year I actually knew some graduates!  It's been awhile since I've had to make graduation cards, so I had to think about what to do... For this particular card, I cheated.  My friend's twin boys were graduating from high school this year and I knew she was very excited about it.  When we released this buddies stamp last year, I totally thought of them since they look like twins too.  Her boys have reddish/brown hair, so I tried to lighten their hair up a bit from my normal black hair.

Then I colored them up in a black gown but needed a graduation cap.  Island Scrapbooking sells pre-cut graduation caps but they were a bit large for the boys.  I had to trim them down a bit, but I finally got them to the size I needed.  They also sell Happy Graduation sentiments, so I bought a pack of that too to add to the card.  Here's how it came out....

And here's a better look at the boys. I'm sure this is how their mom will always remember them, even though they are old now.

Anyway, hope everyone survived graduation this year.  I'm trying to get through ballet. teacher gifts, the end of school, and a new Sister Stamps release this week!  Wish me luck!


Не е истина said...
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Shirley N said...

This is just perfect for the twins, awesome card Jenny! Soooo cute!!!

Leanne said...

How cool is this?!! Way cool!! Great idea Jenny! You did an awesome job with the theme. I'll have to remember this one for sure.
Good luck my friend, deep breaths and if you can cat nap in between.. do it! Wishing you luck!

Jazzmom said...

What a great idea ~ the card is so cute!