Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommy's out there!  Hope your family treats you good today.

I guess I'm a junk daughter... I made this card and put it in our mail box on Friday and thought it would be enough time to get it to my mom by today... but I see that it's still in my mail box!!!  I don't think I missed the mailman... I think he forgot to get it from my box.  I got other packages and mail in my garage, so I know he came.  Anyway, sorry mom!!  I did make you a card but I guess you are not getting it in time. :(  boooooo....

Decided to use Kiyomi on her card since it was named after my sister.  I think its so weird but fun that now that our images are associated with actual people, that I think of them as that person!  Anyway, I was dying to use some of this pretty paper I got at the last Rubber Stamp Expo. It's the new Vintage Bliss line and I'm totally in love with it!  Can't wait to get my hands on more of this paper... for now I'm hoarding the rest.

There's really not much to this card as I decided to keep it simple.  I made something else for mom, but can't post it until I give it to her.  That won't be till I see her again at the end of the month.

On another note, I have to share this personal story with you... I guess it still bugs me a little... My daughter is going to be in a performance soon and we decided to place an ad in her program.  My DH decided to tell her- not sure why- and ask her if it was ok to put from "Mommy and Daddy" or if she was too old for that... WHAT THE HECK?  Then the answer... "Yes, I'm too old for Mommy and Daddy".  What???  I guess she's not my baby anymore.

Lesson:  They really do grow up too fast! Take time to enjoy all the little moments.


eunice said...

Happy Mothers Day, Jenny! Very pretty card for mom...what a bummer about the mailman not picking it up. Don't worry, mom will understand...cuz that's what moms do best, right?! And heck, not to worry about the "mommy-daddy" know, it's just another one of those "phases" they all go thru. I was "Mah" for a long time and now that she's 28, I'm back to being "Mommee"...go figure!

Heidi Brawley said...

Awe this is Gorgeous!!!

Cami said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Jenny! This card is so pretty and I love that paper...hoarding mine for a while!

Jazzmom said...

A beautiful card; the paper is perfect for Mother's Day ... & Happy Mother's Day, Jenny. Enjoy your "little" ones; mine are all adults now ~ the time does go by fast!!

Leanne said...

Happy Mother's Day Jenny, or what's left of it. :D
Beautiful card, your mom will love it. You aren't a junk daughter, the mailman is junk. (lol) That paper is yummy!! I can see why you would hoard it.
Aww, she'll always be mommy's and daddy's little girl.