Friday, May 3, 2013

Teacher Gifts

Decided to try to get a head start on the end of the school year festivities.  This time of year is CRAZY for me, so I thought I'd try to start earlier this year.  One of the things I always do is make something for Akemi's teachers.  I remember seeing a desk a few years back, but never figured out how to make it.  Then one day I saw one and thought I could use my SU matchbox die to make the drawers.  It totally worked!

Decided to add some details to the desk... Made a stack of books using foam tape and cardstock.  Also next to the books is mini post its to look like a desk calendar that many keep on their desks.

Do you like the apple for the teacher?  It's two apples glued together. I ran out, so I need to pick up more on my next trip home.    I also made the vase by rolling some cardstock around the flower spray and then adhering it to the desk.

And just wanted to show you that the desk was functional. I think I'm going to put paper clips and other stuff inside the drawers.

Now just gotta make 3 more!


Leanne said...

No way!!! This is sooo cool Jenny!! Holy cow, these are perfect for Teacher's Day.
Terrific share

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

WOW!!! Akemi's teachers are gonna LOVE their special gift.

Shirley N said...

I'm amazed at how creative you are--this is fabulous Jenny! Now what teacher wouldn't LOVE this!

Tracy said...

That is so adorable! I just love it. Where do you come up with these cute ideas!?!

eunice said...

OMG!!! This has got to be the cutest little teacher gift ever! So, so clever how you did the stack of books and flower vase. The teachers are gonna LOVE this!

Cami said...

How cute is this??!!! Akemi's teacher(s) will love I do! The apple looks just too cute!