Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Sooooo... did you miss me much?  I know, I've been MIA for awhile now, but Sister Stamps, work and our vacation has kept me super duper busy!  We just got back from VEGAS, and frankly, I'm still recovering.   (Note to my crafty friends... this is a trip report, so if you are not interested in our adventures, you may want to skip the next few posts.)

It's been waaaaaaay too long since I've been to the 9th Island.  The last time I went to Vegas was when Akemi was in my belly!  Yes, almost 10 years ago was the last time I set foot in sin city and I must say things have changed a lot since I've been there.  But I'll share some of our adventures in future posts. 

So the main reason we decided to go to Vegas was because of that guy in the picture below... yes, he's my man.  And getting old I might add.  We both are.  Sigh... it's Yakudoshi time!  Crazy!  We met in college and I can't believe we are now celebrating his Yakudoshi!

This picture was taken when we got to the Honolulu airport after coming in from Hilo.  We decided to go on Vacations Hawaii for this trip, but I have a feeling we may not in the future.  Met my mom at the airport since she decided to join us on our Vegas Adventure.

We had some time to kill at the gate, so I decided to walk around before we had to board.  Lookie what I found in one of the shops!

 If they had my size, I would have totally bought one.  I don't even like football!

We finally got on the plane and froze our asses off!  Be prepared if you ever go on Omni- it's pretty darn cold in the plane! I think the highlight of our flight was the Melona ice cream bars for our snack...  Akemi made a friend on the flight.  The flight attendant really liked her and kept trying to give her the first class food.  I wish I sat next to her on the plane!.  We finally arrived at the Cal later that night, checked in, met up with Paul's mom & Grandma, did a little gambling, and hit the sack.

Be back tomorrow with more Vegas fun!

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