Friday, January 10, 2014

Lfundoo and Kiki's Epic Crafty Advenure Day 4: Prima ArtVenture Day 2

Holy Moly!  Can't believe that we just finished up 6 Prima ArtVenture classes!  Woo Hoo!  That was sooooooooooooooo worth it!  Had so much fun learning new techniques and getting so much fun stuff to play with!  I highly recommend it.
Day 2 of Prima ArtVenture began in Stephanie Miller's class.  She informed us that all of her kits didn't make it in time, so we got some stuff that wasn't in her original sample.  No harm done... we still got cool stuff!  Here's the work in progress...

Initial layout using a Julie Nutting doll and Princess paper!  Love that new paper!

Here's the sample by Stephanie Miller..

And here's the sweet lady herself! Nicest lady at ArtVenture!

Here's all the toys we got in our box along with my project.
One of the things they were doing at ArtVenture was a silent auction for Charity Wings.  This was a canvas donated by one of the instructors.  I believe it was made by Steph.

Pretty awesome design huh?  Check out the back!

And can't wait to get my hands on this TV frame!!!!!  They didn't have any at the Prima store.  This was made by Frank.

Our second class of the day was with Nathalie Kalbach.  She was so awesome!  Poor thing wasn't feeling well after lunch, but managed to get through our class and teach us some awesome techniques.  She walked around class with the sample around her neck.  That's just how cool she is!

Here's what was in our box.

And here's a better look at my project completed.  Used a photo from Cami's birthday at A Cup of Tea!

And we made a new friend!  Meet "Ninja", aka Reese Whitherspoon.  No, not the real Reese, but doesn't she totally look like her?  She acts like her too.  She came all the way from Canada and is super quick at making her projects!  Plus she seems to always be a step ahead of us... quick like Ninja!  Found it funny that she told her boyfriend that she latched onto us!  Little does he know that we were stalking her because she seemed to always know when the new product was delivered to the Prima Store!!  She would disappear and then later seem to have all the new stuff!!  Ninja skills.

Our last class was with Jamie Doughtery!  Jamie is the artist that has a new line called Bloom Girls!  Congrats Jamie!!  I just have to say that Jamie was sooooooo nice!  Her class was totally challenging.  Didn't realize how difficult a time I would have painting, but somehow I finished my project.  Thanks for the challenge Jamie!

Uh oh!  Who made Linda mad?  Bwahahahahahaha!

Here's what we got in Jamie's class.  A Bloom Girl stamp and mini album!  Check out all the yummy embellies!

And here's a better look at the finished product.  Oh!  And we used the new Prima sprays on the project.  Overall I have to say that I like them!  I would totally buy them if I can find them somewhere!

After we said goodbye to Jamie and our Ninja friend Sherry, we stopped by to see if Nathalie was feeling better.  She managed to take a photo with me and Linda.

After we got back we started packing!  OMG.. Linda is still packing now and I'm falling asleep.  Gonna head to the Post Office tomorrow to mail some stuff back home. Before I sign off, I leave you with one last photo of Prima goodness.  My last Prima ArtVenture Haul!


Nighty Night!


Cami said...

So exhilirating seeing all the projects and the product used. You gals did great learning so many techniques. You both are now declared Hawaii's Prima gurus! Gotta celebrate when you gals get home! Enjoy your last couple of days in L.A.

eva said...

wow! every thing looks so awesome! what a great idea to mail things back home.

Leanne said...

What an awesome time you both had! It's always nice reading about your adventures. Great pictures, projects and goodies. So smart to mail da kine stuffs back home. TFS!

Stephanie (steffogal1) said...

Oh I loved reading your Art Venture experience!! :) super excited for you!!
with a grin,

Nathalie Kalbach said...

It was so wonderful to have you in my class- you are the sweetest and thank you for the treats. Huge hugs to you!!!!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

It was so wonderful to have you in my class- you are the sweetest and thank you for the treats. Huge hugs to you!!!!